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The Little Things

Lightning Little Things Rain Sky Southwest Florida Sun Sunset SWFL

During the course of a stressful, busy day, when meals are eaten on the go and traffic never seems to go your way, it is the little things that can put it all into perspective for me.They are never planned and without stopping to appreciate them, would just pass most people by. It is in these moments when I find the stress from my long day fading and clarity returns.

Believe me, it is not always easy, but I try to stop at least once a day to appreciate something unexpected, beautiful, random, or just silly. Lately the focus has been on the sky, as summertime in Southwest Florida is an ever changing display of natures beauty.

From the bright sunshine of the morning, to the brooding dark clouds that bring the pouring afternoon rain, and the most stunning and intricate lightning you will ever see. As the rain passes you get the chance to witness the occasional rainbow, or even the more rare double rainbow which I just witnessed last week!

This all sets the scene for my favorite part of the day...sunset. The colors in the sky are unpredictable and range from golden and orange, to blue and purple. The blazing colors are breathtaking and the most amazing hues you will ever see.

In fact, it is this beauty that often catches me by surprise and stops me dead in my tracks. These are all the moments where I bask in the wonder that is nature and it makes the craziness of the day fade away.

Sometimes it's just the little things that make the big things worthwhile.


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