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Sources of Inspiration

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Oh my, where does the time go? I blinked and it was September already and I realized I forgot to write a post last week. I’ll be honest with you though, I had been suffering from some writers block and was feeling a little blah.

The weather was definitely no help at all, as we got torrential rain for a week straight. Luckily the hurricane missed my area and just caused some minor flooding and general annoyances. My thoughts were with those to the north, who caught the brunt of the storm. The sun finally made a return this weekend which was nice, except for the extreme heat it brought. I am looking forward to cooler temperatures coming soon!

In between dodging the rain my husband and I were able to get out and do a little antiquing this weekend. I love nothing better than sifting through odds and ends and never knowing what I will find. So, even though we didn’t find anything this time, it was still great to see some interesting items in the shop.

This is also where I look for inspiration for my various aspects of my business. It could be anything that catches my eye and interests me. The antique colors and details are something that really inspire me when I am designing things, like labels or packaging for my products. Taking hints from the past and finding ways to incorporate them to make them relevant again, is a fun challenge for me.

Finding treasures to incorporate in my workspace is by far one of my favorite parts. The attached picture is a great example; they are antique celestial tins that I use to store product materials in. They are beautiful and add some flair to my storage area. Surrounding myself with pieces like this really motivates and inspires me when I’m working.

What sort of things inspire you?

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