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Procrastination & Productivity

Kaban Flow Pen & Paper Procrastination Productivity Work Smarter Not Harder

This week has been all about lessons in procrastination and productivity for me. When I first opened my shop I really wanted to get the product out there so everyone could see it. I wrote quick product descriptions that were very direct and to the point. I knew that eventually (and soon!) they would have to be updated, but I have been known to suffer from writers block from time to time, and I just couldn't get inspired.

This is when the realization hit me, that as technology has grown and I am now spending a great deal of my time glued to the computer, that I needed to step away from it and then and go back to trusty pen and paper.

Focus and mental clarity were key for this as well. I went to my office where it was nice and quiet and just sat down with a notepad and paper for the first time in months. Something in my brain just awakened and I was able to write like crazy! In just two hours I was able to complete the work I had procrastinated doing for months. It was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and really took a load off of my mind.

A great tool I found to help deal with procrastination and productivity is called KabanFlow. It helps you organize your life and teaches you to work in short but highly concentrated bursts of time for optimum results. Basically it is an updated form of "Work Smarter, Not Harder"

The take away from this experiment is that I need to unplug at least once a week to focus and allow my mind to think clearly. If only everything was as simple as this!

Have a great weekend!

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