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Benefits of Skin Exfoliation

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Our skin is a living, breathing organ that requires special attention and care. We all know how to cleanse our skin, but when was the last time you exfoliated your skin? What did you use to exfoliate it and how did it make your skin look and feel?

The benefits of exfoliating your skin are almost endless. The main (and most obvious reason) is to remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh, smooth skin. Women and men can both benefit from regular exfoliation. It is especially good for those tough areas of the body, like elbows, knees and the bottoms of the feet. Suffer from callouses on your hands or feet? Yup, you got it, and exfoliation is the best way to reduce their appearance and severity.

Do you suffer from acne or fine lines and wrinkles? Exfoliation helps to keep your pores clean and clear to prevent clogged pores that cause acne. Is also aids in skin renewal and stimulates circulation, which is key for reducing cellulite and fine lines and wrinkles as we age.

If you are not getting the close shave like you used to, it might not be your razor after all. The best way to get a close shave is to exfoliate prior to shaving, thus removing the dead skin cells that can prevent the razor from getting close to the skin. The result will be a smoother and closer shave with less pulling and irritation to the skin.

For most people and skin types, you should be exfoliating twice a week to see the best benefits. For delicate areas, like the face, you may want to scrub only once a week, using lighter strokes to avoid irritating the skin. You can scrub tougher areas more often and vigorously if needed.

Of course, not all exfoliating products are created equal and it is important to read labels. We believe our all-natural sugar scrubs are the best of both worlds. The perfect amount of exfoliation with skin hydrating oils to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, and the wonderful aromatherapy benefits from essential oils.

Our natural formula will keep your skin moisturized for longer throughout the day and night, meaning you can use fewer lotions and potions to try to get that soft skin feeling.

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